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In our society, many people are increasingly struggling with weight problems. Obesity, or morbid obesity, is now considered the number one civilization disease in industrialized countries. The consequences of excessive weight are clear to everyone: heart disease, strokes, diabetes – all these are possible consequences of being overweight. An overabundance of unhealthy foods, too little exercise and, in some cases, a lack of self-discipline mean that here and there our clothes pinch, our pants pinch and we can no longer fit into our favorite jeans. We jump from one diet to the next, suffer from the yo-yo effect and yet are only looking for a way to lose weight relatively quickly and easily and then to keep it off. With Reduslim, a product could now have come out that makes exactly these wishes come true and that is what we want to highlight in this text.

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High weight as a trigger for many problems

Everyone knows about the dangers and health problems that obesity brings with it. Diabetes, heart attacks and strokes are only a part of the list, which continues endlessly. Even being slightly overweight can lead to posture problems and back problems. In addition, having too much weight on your back already puts a strain on your body in everyday situations. Fitness and stamina decrease while weight continues to increase. Another factor that suffers from obesity is social life. Many fat people increasingly isolate themselves from the outside world for fear of nasty comments, bullying or simply out of shame. Contact with other people is restricted, people hole up at home and often even more food is then eaten precisely out of frustration, anger and sadness. The downward spiral into a lonely life begins. All this does not have to be like this anymore. Because with Reduslim there is an effective product which makes it possible for you to lose weight quickly and easily.

Even when flirting, overweight people often lose out. A clear beauty ideal is given to society by the media. In movies, everything revolves around beauty and the perfect body. Overweight actors tend to take the role of the best friend or the inconspicuous wallflower who is too shy to take the first step in love. Although more and more people are campaigning for so-called body positivity, which is about accepting everyone as they are, regardless of their fullness of body, on the other hand there are still many people who, driven by the media’s guidelines, nastily attack and insult other people because of their excess weight.

However, although many people are now aware of these dangers, they disregard possible damage to their health and continue to eat an unhealthy diet without sufficient exercise. The process of weight gain is also usually gradual for those affected themselves, so they are not even aware that they should be taking care of their bodies. Often it is only when they are approached by another person about their weight or they feel the first effects of their excess weight that the rethinking begins in their minds.

The desire for the desired figure – one diet chases the next one

Almost everyone has tried one diet or another in their life. Some fast after large holidays or before the summer goes off, others rush from a diet into the next and try in such a way to realize their conception of a desire figure. Straight radical methods such as the zero diet in such a way specified lead finally to the fact that afterwards still more kilos than before. Here it goes into the other extreme: where before without large thinking one ate, the body is brought now into a condition of starvation, so that in relatively short time good successes are obtained.

If normal eating is resumed afterwards, the body reserves all the energy it can for itself. The result: the scales not only show the starting weight again, but also a few extra kilos as a “reward”. As a result, many people get into a kind of continuous loop, try out countless diets, starve themselves to slimness, and then gain weight again because they can’t control their appetite. This not only triggers frustration in those affected, but also considerably reduces their enjoyment of life. Many downright despair at their unsuccessful attempts to finally lose weight. Some even consider dangerous procedures such as liposuction or stomach reduction in order to finally achieve their ideals.
So, in order not to further jeopardize health by taking such radical steps, this is where satiety pills like Reduslim are now supposed to provide a great deal of support.

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How do appetite suppressants or Reduslim satiety pills work?

Before we get into how Reduslim works, it is important to learn how appetite suppressants or satiety pills work in general. Most of these supplements have one thing in common: the ingredient glucomannan. Stiftung Warentest recommends weight loss products with the ingredient glucomannan.

Glucomannan is the root extract of the Japanese konjac plant. It is odorless and for centuries a firm component of the traditional Japanese kitchen. There it is used as a thickening agent and is most comparable to the sauce thickeners we are familiar with. Although glucomannan is a carbohydrate chain, it does not make you fat, but even satiates the consumer. Due to its own structure, it is only partially digested and most of it is excreted. The most important property of glucomannan, however, is its ability to bind water. This enables it to form 50 times its actual volume, so that in combination with water it ultimately requires more space in the stomach and can thus simulate a feeling of satiety. This means that cravings in particular can be overcome under certain circumstances. Since it is largely excreted, it also does not have a negative effect on the energy balance and thus helps with weight loss. Another great advantage of glucomannan is its ability to bind and absorb fat from food. This means the fats are not released into the bloodstream and therefore cannot be stored as fat deposits in the body. They are simply excreted from the body naturally.

What are the disadvantages of taking glucomannan?

For many people who want to lose weight, taking Glucomannan sounds like the fulfillment of the long-cherished dream of a dream body and a feel-good weight. However, losing weight is not as easy as taking pills with glucomannan.

If that were the case, overweight as the No.1 disease of civilization would probably no longer exist. However, healthy weight loss also requires a balanced and healthy food intake that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs to survive. In addition, one must consciously deal with this complex issue and cannot hope solely for the effect of glucomannan. It is essential to take into account the intake of the right fats in a healthy measure. Glucomannan is not a free pass to continue to eat unhealthy foods without greater added value for physical health.

Another shortcoming of taking glucomannan is its tolerability. Time and again, users report intolerance symptoms, so when buying such supplements should first purchase smaller package units.

Furthermore, it should be said that although Glucomannan can cause a feeling of satiety, it cannot suppress the appetite in the head, so that here too some users continue to sin, relying too much on the other good properties of the dietary supplements. Glucomannan also cannot fully stop cravings. Here, some work has to be done, especially psychologically, because even a good feeling of satiety often doesn’t help when you still feel like a piece of cake, a chocolate bar or a bag of chips. True to the motto “Cake is actually always possible.”, a sense of satiety and moral concerns are thrown overboard and neglected here.

What is Reduslim and what are its ingredients?

Reduslim is a dietary supplement that is intended to help with weight loss through its unique composition of active ingredients and also provides support in maintaining weight. Here, Reduslim relies on a combination of various natural ingredients. In addition to the use of glucomannan, Reduslim makes use of the properties of other natural products, which in their unique combination can help to lose unwanted excess weight, stimulate the metabolism and thus boost fat burning.

What is the tolerance of Reduslim?

Since Reduslim relies exclusively on natural ingredients and does not use any chemically produced active ingredients, it is a dietary supplement that has no known side effects. The intake is therefore not harmful to health. An exception to this is, of course, people who are allergic to one or more of the ingredients or who already have a known intolerance.

However, it should be noted that green tea extract can cause some people to stay awake longer in the evening. When taking Reduslim, it is therefore advisable to shift the evening dose a little forward, so as not to jeopardize the sleep rhythm.
Also for pregnant and breastfeeding women, the manufacturer does not give any warning for the intake of Reduslim, but here should first be consulted with a doctor, since, for example, the consumption of green tea in pregnancy from a certain dosage can have a negative effect and could thus put the health of mother and child in danger.
If all other concerns fall away, Reduslim can be taken without any problems and is absolutely free of unwanted side effects.

How does Reduslim work?

Due to the natural active ingredients contained in Reduslim, the body receives an additional boost for the metabolism. This means that the ingredients replace and support the processes that are now working only slowly or incorrectly and thus help in a healthy, gentle and, above all, permanent weight loss.

The boosted metabolism leads to a faster and better fat burning in the body and thus to an automatically higher calorie consumption. If a calorie deficit arises now, the first kilos already begin to melt away.

Another advantage is that Reduslim stimulates blood circulation. This increases concentration and users repeatedly report a stress-reducing and thought-relieving effect. Some even speak of a mood-lifting side effect. The reason for this is the restored functionality of the body. The natural structure regains its balance and thus sends out messenger substances that can release feelings of happiness in the brain. In addition, frustration, sadness and anger decrease due to the onset of the effect of the dietary supplement and joy and pride about the weight loss take their place.

When can I expect Reduslim to start working?

According to the package insert and the manufacturer’s instructions, the first results can be expected after 28 days of regular use. According to the manufacturer of Reduslim, weight loss of up to 10 kg is possible.

With a regular intake over two months, a weight loss of up to 8 kg can be recorded and with a regular intake of Reduslim over four months, it is already possible to lose up to 16 kg in weight.

This period is especially recommended if you are very overweight and want to maintain your weight after losing it.
In the instructions for use it is also explicitly mentioned once again that the success results can vary from person to person. Of course, this also depends on the other diet and the willingness to do more exercise. Who relies only on the positive effect of Reduslim, will accordingly lose less weight than the person who eats a balanced and healthy diet and is also active in sports. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that successes are recorded here even with a less healthy diet, without the use of a nutrition expert or the need for a personal trainer.

How is Reduslim taken?

Taking Reduslim is very simple and is well explained in detail in the manufacturer’s package insert. To achieve the optimal effect, one capsule of Reduslim is taken every morning with sufficient water. Recommended to take here during breakfast or afterwards. The reason for this is the fact that many people are sensitive to taking medications or, as in this case, dietary supplements on an empty stomach.

Therefore, in order to prevent a possible impairment of well-being here, it is not recommended to take it before breakfast. By taking it in the morning, the metabolism is stimulated and thus the fat burning is set in motion.

Finally, the second capsule of Reduslim is taken at dinner. This helps the body, especially at night, to relax, to support the natural fat burning and to cleanse the body from the inside of possible toxins and harmful substances. Here Reduslim relies primarily on the support of the natural cleansing function of the liver, which is especially intensified at night.

The only important thing to note here is that the pills contain the extract of green tea. Green tea is often said to have an effect similar to caffeine, and in some people it actually has the effect of making them more alert and fit, just like when they consume a cup of coffee. So if you want to fall asleep well in the evening, you should take the second dose as far in advance of the time you go to sleep as possible, otherwise your sleep rhythm may be disturbed.

What is the experience with Reduslim?

In recent years, dietary supplements in the form of weight loss pills or appetite suppressants such as Reduslim have increasingly experienced a flight of fancy. Many people see in it their chance to easily and conveniently achieve their desired weight. Unfortunately, there are always free riders and scammers in this industry who lure a lot of money out of their customers’ pockets with false promises and rely on the gullibility of these people.

It should be said in advance that Reduslim was tested and examined in studies on test persons before it received approval on the German market. The experiences were to be evaluated here already throughout positively. Who is skeptical nevertheless, has of course still the possibility to inform well elsewhere. The Internet can possibly put a stop to fraudulent scams, as potential new customers can get an idea of the product’s success from reviews by existing users.

This is also the case with Reduslim. If you do some research on the Internet, you will come across a large number of testimonials from previous buyers. The reviews are consistently positive. Many report that although they did not lose the maximum 4 kg in the first month, they were still able to achieve satisfactory results. Long-term users also report lasting success. They were able to keep their face effortlessly with the help of Reduslim.

When it comes to the tolerability of Reduslim, there is equally positive feedback. Apart from people who have an allergy or intolerance to one of the ingredients contained, it is free of known side effects, according to the manufacturer’s information. The reason for this is the precise coordination and combination of the exclusively natural active ingredients. So it can also be read from the reviews of users. The experiences here are simply positive throughout. There are no occurring side effects and the tolerability seems to be really excellent. Users speak of a significant increase in well-being and no health restrictions.

The information on the price-performance ratio is also mostly positive. Here it depends on which provider Reduslim could be purchased. Differences in the price range exist in part already from pharmacy to pharmacy. Also, the price varies depending on the size of the package. For the effect achieved and the positive effect of Reduslim, however, users are very satisfied and express this in their reviews. If you look on the Internet for suppliers of the capsules, all advertise a customer satisfaction of 100%.

Where can Reduslim be purchased?


Since Reduslim is an over-the-counter dietary supplement that does not require a prescription, it can be purchased both in local pharmacies and selected health food stores, or it can be conveniently delivered to your home by ordering on the Internet.

It is advisable to compare prices beforehand, as prices can vary from supplier to supplier and also depend on the package size. It is important here to be clear from the start whether you only want to carry out a trial application of Reduslim or whether you want to start directly with a larger package. If you are unsure about this, you can either do research on the Internet or seek advice locally.

How much does Reduslim cost?

The price of Reduslim varies on the Internet as much as the package size.
There are packs of 10 capsules, which are suitable for use for 5 days. Likewise, there are packs of 90 capsules so that the user can take the product for 45 days. The price of these individual packs is between 35€ and 50€. However, if you read the manufacturer’s instructions in the package insert carefully, you will see that an effect can only be expected from a regular intake of more than 28€. Thus, the 5-day packs usually fail for newcomers, since the desired effect can not be achieved here.

With official providers such as eBay, for example, the prices here are already significantly lower. Here, monthly packs with 60 capsules, i.e. for use over 30 days, are offered. If you decide to buy one pack, for example, you pay only 26.99€. When buying several monthly packs, for example for permanent use over 4 months, there is a quantity discount. Thus, the price shrinks to 21.59€ per month’s supply when buying two packs. When buying three packs, the price is only 18,89€ per monthly supply and from a purchase of four packs, the price is 17,54€ per monthly supply.

Here it is guaranteed that it is the original product and it will be shipped in the original packaging. Shipping is even free here, so you really only pay the package price and can thus use Reduslim for yourself.

Conclusion: Is Reduslim really worth it?

Anyone who struggles with the tiresome topic of diets and weight loss, eventually reaches a point where no starvation diet helps. On the contrary: yoyo effect, health problems and increased frustration are the result. Reduslim can really help here in a gentle way. It is free of side effects, revitalizes the metabolism, thus stimulating fat burning and helping the user to lose weight. All this is possible without having to consult a nutritionist.

In principle, it is not even necessary to change one’s dietary habits, but in this case one must be aware that the success of Reduslim will not be as great as one might hope. However, if you also change your diet and do sports, the first clear successes can be seen quickly. Reduslim is wonderfully suitable as an aid for beginners who have had great problems with weight loss up to now. A conscious and healthy diet is possible, at the same time hunger pangs are suppressed and you will not fall victim to cravings. Due to the different pack sizes, one can achieve both short-term results, for example if one only wants to get rid of a little winter flab. However, Reduslim also helps without any problems to lose weight permanently and ultimately to keep it off. The yoyo effect is thus a thing of the past.

So if you are seriously interested in losing weight in a healthy and gentle way and keeping it off in the long run, it is highly recommended to make use of this dietary supplement. However, it is also always important to deal with such products in a reflective manner, to do accurate research on the product itself and to reflect well on the subject.