Potency Disorder – How Potencialex could be the Solution

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Twenty years ago, potency disorders, also known as erectile dysfunction today, were not a topic that was being discussed. There were far fewer people suffering from this condition back then than there are today. It also happened less often than it does today. A striking decrease in the number of sperm counts among adult men is another phenomenon. It is now approximately 50% lower than 50 years ago. This has led to a decline in birth rates.

Potency disorders can be caused by poor Nutrition

A significant loss in quality in modern food is another reason men are developing more frequent potency problems. The regular intake of high-quality foods can also lead to depleted soils that result in a large loss of minerals.

Processed foods such as convenience and fast food are also harmful to strong potency and fertility.

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Consider a Natural Alternative

Zinc is the only thing that will make you testosterone-free

It is amazing how little we think of zinc as a potency booster, given its importance in male stamina. It is true that zinc is a potency booster. The trace element is found in all cells of the body. Our bodies cannot make the mineral themselves so it must be obtained through food.

It is involved in many biological processes within the body, and it is literally everywhere. Without zinc, there is no way to make anything work. Some people find the topic of testosterone very interesting. It’s not surprising, because testosterone is essential for the health of the hos.

Testosterone is the ultimate masculinity booster and the most popular hormone for erection, beard growth, and muscle growth. 1!

Consequently, only No. 2. Because – Attention spoiler! Your testosterone level is directly related to your zinc content.

The formation of the masculinityhormone is dependent on a zinc-containing enzyme. Without this, sooner or later, a decline in testosterone levels will occur.

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