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Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis or insufficient length of stiffening to make it work. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that causes intercourse to be impossible and lasts several months.

Erectile Dysfunction

You can diagnose it as a single disease (e.g. It can be diagnosed as an isolated disease (e.g. Diabetes mellitus (sugar-related disease), high blood pressure, or as an indicator of old age. occur. Germany has approximately 3 to 5 million affected men.

There are many ways to induce sexual arousal: touch, visual or acoustic stimuli and fantasies. The paraventricular nucleus transmits nerve impulses to the brain, which then travel via the spinal cord to reach the penis. Certain messenger substances can cause the muscle cells of the corpora Cavernosa to relax and the blood vessels in the penis to relax.

This allows blood flow to the cavities of the corpora Cavernosa faster. The blood flow increases and the pressure in the corpora canvernosa rises, pressing the sheath of erectile tissue against surrounding draining blood vessels. This simultaneously causes a blockage of the penis’s ability to evacuate blood, which results in an erection.

Many factors can cause erectile dysfunction. A disturbed erection can be caused by a number of factors, including a disturbance in the psyche, a disruption in the blood supply, or hormonal disorders. Hormonal disorders can cause a disrupted erection. Erectile dysfunction can often be caused by direct damage to the erectile tissues.

Many patients have multiple causes, according to investigations. Erectile dysfunction is often a result of a hitherto unknown, serious disease. Before treatment can begin, it is important to have a medical exam. The doctor should also consider whether or not certain treatments are appropriate for the patient. This involves a thorough examination and questioning of the patient. 

Many modern options are now available to treat erectile dysfunction. Each patient will decide which one is best for him.

It can be summarized that intensive research over the past two decades has greatly expanded the range of treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can now be treated in a variety of ways, often depending on the cause. There are many options available for treating erectile dysfunction, including psychological, medical, apparative, and surgical procedures.

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