Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment with Eroxel

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Erectile dysfunction is also known as potency disorder, impotence, potency problem or erectile dysfunction. It is not precise. These terms can be used to describe other disorders, or combine multiple disorders that may not necessarily belong together. Erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, on one hand, and infertility (i.e. The inability to have children.

What is the most common Erectile Dysfunction?

As we age, erectile dysfunction is more common. Erectile dysfunction is more common in men between the ages of 40 and 49. It affects less than one in ten. For those 60-69, it affects almost every third. This was proven by a University of Cologne study in 2000. Many other studies in many countries also showed similar results.

Experts believe there are many unreported cases. Experts believe that the actual number could be much higher. Erectile dysfunction, especially in men older than 50, can be a sign of vascular disease (arteriosclerosis), and could indicate a stroke or heart attack. It is important to seek treatment early in order to avoid serious consequences. It is important to see a doctor to clarify potency issues.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can occur when psychological and physical triggers are combined. Additional psychological issues can arise when men have problems with their physically-induced potency.

Younger men are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons. Erectile dysfunction is often linked to stress, anxiety disorders, and conflicts in the relationship. Erectile dysfunction is most commonly experienced by men over 50.

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Testosterone Deficiency

For a successful erection, it is important to have a sufficient level of testosterone in the blood. The testosterone level in blood decreases with age. Hypogonadism (or testosterone deficiency) is not a problem, but it can cause erection difficulties. Low testosterone levels are a possibility.

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is when a man can’t get and keep a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. The penis is not difficult enough or re-creates itself quickly. These problems can last at least six months, and they are more common in two-thirds of cases.

Signs that indicate Physical causes:

  • erectile dysfunction develops gradually
  • It can occur during intercourse with a partner or during masturbation. Normal erections during sleeping, which are common in all healthy men, do not occur.

Signs that indicate Psychological Causes:

  • Erectile dysfunction can occur suddenly or after stressful life events.
  • Erectile dysfunction is a rare condition.
  • The man is less than 50 years old

Is it possible to prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Healthy lifestyles reduce the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction and circulatory disorders. You can have a positive impact on an existing erectile disorder by changing your lifestyle.

Positively influence erectile dysfunction. This is what it means:

  • Do not smoke
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Only consume a small amount of alcohol
  • Exercise often
  • reduce overweight
  • Regularly check your blood sugar and blood pressure. Have any disorders treated

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